Who Is Diana Taylor, Mike Bloomberg's Long-Term Partner?

Mike Bloomberg's partner Diana Taylor has stood by his side for 20 years.

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As 2020 presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg ends his campaign today, his partner Diana Taylor has stood alongside him during his run. The self-professed "First Woman" for Bloomberg, she got her start on Wall Street and has an impressive professional career. What do we know about her, their relationship, and what it's meant for his political aspirations?

They've been together for 20 years.

Taylor worked on Wall Street as early as the 1980s, and even served as the superintendent of banks in the early 2000s. According to a Washington Post article, she and Bloomberg met at a professional event: 

"They sat together in 2000 at a business luncheon where he was speaking. He was a billionaire but not yet a politician. He was a Democrat; she was still a Republican. She left early. That evening, they happened to be dining at the same restaurant. “He looked at me and came over and said, ‘Would you like to have a drink after this?’ ” Taylor said yes. They’ve been together ever since..."

Bloomberg had gotten divorced from his ex-wife Susan Brown in 1993. He and Taylor have never married, and Taylor hasn't spoken about any plans to get married.

But, of course, she's very supportive of her ambitious partner. She's been out helping to campaign for Bloomberg, and apparently she has a quiet, but powerful, style of communication:

She gets along with his family.

Bloomberg has two adult children—Georgina and Emma—and they've even been photographed together:

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And Taylor says that she defines herself in a few simple ways:

"I define myself first and foremost as I’ve had a fairly successful career...I define myself by my family: my parents or my brother or sister and their families. And then obviously, as Mike’s partner or whatever you want to call it...And sort of a step-whatever for Mike’s children—friend, I guess."

So they're clearly important to her.

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