Breaking: Female Terrorist Malika Found Guilty

Last year, we met and spoke with terrorist Malika el Aroud, described by authorities as an "al Qaeda living legend." Today, she was convicted. Read more...

Malika el Aroud, whom we profiled in our story "Love in the Time of Terror" a few months back, is making headline news around the world today. She was found guilty in Belgium of directing and financing a terrorist group, and will spend the next eight years behind bars. Here's a link to our gripping story about her life, and about her love affair with a suicide bomber who famously blew up a top anti-Taliban leader in Afghanistan, just days before 9/11.

Abigail Pesta is an award-winning investigative journalist who writes for major publications around the world. She is the author of The Girls: An All-American Town, a Predatory Doctor, and the Untold Story of the Gymnasts Who Brought Him Down.