What Women Around The World Are Saying About Women's Equality Day

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In case you didn't know, we're deeply committed to equality for women on all levels—that's why we're always writing about it. In honor of Women's Equality Day, here are the 10 most talked-about sexist, discriminatory, or just plain concerning gender-biased stories from the last year—including topics on equal pay, reproductive rights, and diversity in the workplace.

1. 14 Things Women Couldn't Do 96 Years Ago

2. The Best States For Equal Pay — And The Worst

3. The Most Ridiculous Sexist Laws Across the Globe

4. Level The Paying Field

5. Mind the Gap On Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

6. Equal Pay Act vs. Paycheck Fairness Act

7. Why Young Women Should Care About Equal Pay Day

8. This One Sentence Boils Down Exactly How You Feel About Equal Pay

9. The Best Places For Women To Live Around The WorldAs Well As The Worst

10. 20 Women Who Are Changing the Ratio

And, let's not forget to give a big hand to those who are standing up for change. See what influential women from around the globe are saying on Women's Equality Day. Follow along and tweet your own thoughts with the hashtag #WEMatter.

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