Donald Trump's Female Staffers Get Paid One-Third Less Than Their Male Counterparts

Color us shocked.

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Here's the thing: When you, as a presidential candidate, call women doing their jobs "bimbos," and then say all the sexist things you ever said about women should be disregarded because, you know, you didn't know you were going to one day be running for office—there's probably already something wrong with your understanding of women and their worth. But paying them less for the same work men do? That's blatantly next-level.

In a new analysis by the Boston Globe, it's been revealed that Donald Trump's campaign pays its female staffers one-third less than their male counterparts. Trump's female staffers made an average of $4,500 in April while the men made nearly $6,100—or about 35 percent more. What's perhaps worse? Women make up only 28% of his total staff. 

Trump's female staffers made an average of $4,500 in April while the men made nearly $6,100—or about 35 percent more.

Clinton's staffers made less, overall, than Trump's staff, but were much more equal. The women working for Clinton (who make up 53 percent of her total staff) took home an average of $3,710. The men made slightly more, at $3,760.

So. There's that. 

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