Warning: Hillary Clinton's Thanksgiving Surprise Might Make You Bawl

Especially if you've had a...how shall we say...politically tense holiday?

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Confronted at the family Thanksgiving table with the question of what you're thankful for this year, you might have cringed. In light of Donald Trump's surprising presidential win earlier this month—and the hate crimes and controversial appointments that followed—it can feel like there's less to be hopeful for than fearful of. Especially when your Trump-supporting uncle is the one who's doing the asking.

Consider this news a salve: Today, a group of Hillary Clinton supporters took it upon themselves to remind her that she's what they're thankful for. That she's "an American hero" whose hard work will not be forgotten.

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Clinton tweeted a photo of the signs she found this morning expressing gratitude, and she returned the favor. So uh...anybody got tissues?

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