Donald Trump Is Blocking People on Twitter

Not exactly presidential behavior.

Donald Trump
(Image credit: Getty Images)

It's no secret that Donald Trump doesn't exactly have the most diplomatic approach when it comes to Twitter. The president-elect has established a bad reputation on the social media site for his late-night Twitter rants, offensive and inflammatory statements and generally outrageous behavior. (There's a reason his aides took control of his account in the final week before the election…) And despite his promises to tone down the Twitter tirades once he was elected, Trump continues to stir up controversy with every 140 characters.

It's also no secret that Donald Trump doesn't take kindly to criticism, which he receives in abundance on Twitter due to the aforementioned nature of his posts. His solution? Block them all.

It appears the future leader of our nation found some time recently to block people who criticize or disagree with him. A number of Twitter users, realizing they had been restricted from viewing his account, began sharing screenshots of Trump's inaccessible profile.

Many have found humor in the situation, making jokes or even boasting about their new blocked status.

While others were less flippant, seeing it as an unsettling, if not alarming, action for the future president to take.

We're still waiting for that "very presidential" behavior Donald Trump promised...

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