WTF: Woman Wins Historical Tennis Match, Gets Asked Sexist Interview Question

Ugh, is this going to stop anytime soon?

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Is it ever going to stop? As in these underhanded, slappy sexist comments directed towards women? I doubt it, and here is a prime example: 19-year-old tennis player Eugenie Bouchard accomplished a great feat yesterday as she became the first Canadian woman to advance to Australia's Grand Slam semi-finals in almost 30 years, according to CBC Sports, via Jezebel.

After beating player Ana Ivanovic, Bouchard was interviewed by sports reporter Samantha Smith who noted that Bouchard had a lot of male fans. Smith proceeded to ask, "If you could date anyone in the world of sport, of movies – I'm sorry, they asked me to say this – who would you date?"

Bouchard replied with a giggle that she would date Justin Bieber.

Her fans via the Twitter universe responded with these comments:

Will these sexist questions ever stop? They are obnoxious and automatically draw attention away from a woman's (or anyone's) accomplishments. Remember when Yahoo's female CEO, Melissa Mayer, was called attractive at a shareholder's meeting by a daft audience member? Yeah, that happened.

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My question to you is: How do we get these questions to stop? Ignore them like Mayer, or reply in stride a la Bouchard? Tell us your thoughts, because we know (unlike that reporter) that you think of other things besides men (or Justin Bieber).

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