Prince Harry’s Bombshell Memoir Has Apparently Been Delayed

Well, the royal family is probably relieved.

prince harry meghan markle
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Ever since Prince Harry announced that he would be releasing a memoir in 2022, reports have suggested that the royals are on edge, to say the least. One expert even said they were “quaking in their boots,” since the announcement he would be writing the book came on the heels of the explosive interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave to Oprah, opening up about their treatment within the royal family from its other members. In particular, speculation abounded that the memoir would be very critical of Prince Charles and how he acted around Meghan. 

Well those nervous royals can breathe easier now that Fall book announcements have come out and Harry’s memoir is nowhere to be seen. Per the Daily Mail, that omission would almost certainly not have happened if the book were really coming out in 2022 as intended. In fact, publicity around the book would have already been well underway by summer if its original timeline was on track, says the publication. The absence of any word at all, therefore, means we’re looking at a publication date sometimes next year (or beyond). 

Of course, that’s still speculative—there’s been no formal announcement that the book is delayed. But the missing announcements have caused some people close to the royals to wonder what the deal is. 

One insider told the Sun, “If this book’s coming out this year as originally planned it should be in the publisher’s marketing and promotional list — unless they’re planning a surprise or there’s been a delay…Its omission has raised lots of eyebrows in royal circles.”

Then again, there was speculation earlier this year that Harry might delay the memoir from 2022 to avoid disrespecting the Queen during her Platinum Jubilee. Plus, if the rumors that Harry may slowly plan a return to royal life are true, maybe that memoir would throw an unnecessary wrench in his future plans. 

And if those rumors are true...well, let's not hold our breaths for this book. 

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