What's Your Least Favorite Look On A Guy?

My old roommate once bought a leather jacket that was sold out of the trunk of some guy's car in the streets of New York.  It was an "Armani" jacket.  But upon closer examination, the tag read:  "Armandi". 

My old roommate once bought a leather jacket that was sold out of the trunk of some guy's car in the streets of New York. It was an "Armani" jacket. But upon closer examination, the tag read: "Armandi". Some guys don't care enough about what they wear. Sometimes they'll just buy whatever from wherever. I'm in the middle of a wardrobe upgrade. It's a long and painful process. As Autumn approaches, I see a glimmer of hope because I seem to look best in sweaters and jeans.

I hear women complain all the time about what their guy wears. They'll say it's "unfortunate" that he's such a bad dresser, but they get over it. But, are there things that guys wear that you just can't deal with? I've listed some possibilities below:


Don't get mandals confused with flip flops or any other kind of non-controversial sandal. Mandals, AKA men's sandals, have to be obnoxious enough to make you do a double take and question whether the guy should be wearing them. I've never worn any kind of sandal/mandal in my life.

Wife Beaters

These are sleeveless, ribbed, form-fitting undershirts. But sometimes, guys don't use them as undershirts. They are worn as actual shirts with jeans or shorts. I've never worn one, but I know people that bust them out sometimes. They are polarizing, so I'm wondering what you think of them.

Capri Pants

There's no way I can get away with those male capri pants. Aren't capri pants for girls? I'm simply not secure enough to pull them off. I'll never do well wearing something that was originally designed for women.

Turtle Necks

I see no place for turtle necks either, unless I'm critiquing art in the West Village in the late '60's. Well,I guess they are good for keeping your neck warm during the winter months. But, really, there must be a better use for that extra fabric used to make a regular shirt into a turtle neck.

Skinny Jeans

Yes, I try to wear skinny jeans. It is a huge battle that I have with my body that is too big to fit in the jeans, and those jeans that mock me as I split them while trying to get into them. If I am lucky enough to get into them, I'm usually "adjusting" throughout the evening and figuring out how to sit down without splitting fabric. But, boy do I feel like I look good in them!

His Favorite Thing That You Hate

Guys have plenty of things that they insist on wearing that drive their girlfriends nuts. My buddy Bryan insists on keeping (and wearing) a huge velour puke-green shirt. And, I think he loves it because he busts it out for important social events. It's a conversation starter as people struggle to understand what material he's wearing. His girlfriend just sighs, and tells me secretly that it's a shameful and unnattractive shirt.


Full styles can fail too: preppy, the sport coat with jeans, an "urban" look, punk, goth or hipster.

Do any of the above looks or articles of clothing bother you on guys? What article of clothing or style is a deal breaker for you? What piece of clothing would you elimiate from your boyfriend/husband's wardrobe if you could?

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