MC's Very Own Bachelorette

Meet the winner of our matchmaker contest, Aimee Solis!

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Back in the day, we ran a contest offering up the services of San Francisco-based pro matchmaker Pari Livermore, a special kind of Cupid who doesn't take a commission but asks her clients to donate money to charity, and submissions poured in from single ladies all across the country. We recently caught up with the winner, Aimee Solis, who flew to San Francisco in hopes of reeling in a West Coast keeper.

A bubbly and athletic small-town Texan, Solis, 31, scored a six-day getaway and the services of Livermore, who claims responsibility for 242 marriages. Livermore set Solis up on fairy-tale dates with three handsome bachelors, all successful CEOs who matched Solis' enthusiasm, curiosity, and strong family values. In addition to the dates, Livermore sent Solis on a Neiman Marcus shopping spree and decked her out in $150,000 worth of Shreve & Co. diamonds for a party in her honor. "She's the loveliest girl," says Livermore. "She had such a wonderful time, and even at the party, there were men stopping me left and right saying, 'Well, when can I meet her?'"

So who did Solis fall for? Lucky Bachelor No. 2 — a tall, blond, blue-eyed Texan who took her on rowing and biking trips that appealed to her outdoorsy nature. "With dinners overlooking the Golden Gate, the swanky Frank-Sinatra-music-filled bars, and the bike rides off the bay, I was engulfed in my fairy tale and the possibility of really meeting The One," Solis says. "And maybe I just have. All I know is that this once-in-a-lifetime experience has the city by the bay calling this small-town girl back for more."

For now, Solis, who does PR for her family-owned brokerage firm, and No. 2 are both busy with work but talk on the phone every few weeks and are entertaining the idea of him coming to Texas to visit this summer. She's technically still single, but holding out hope that her first trip to San Fran won't be her last.

(Photo: Solis, left, with Livermore. Courtesy of Ashley Gordon)

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