Would You Date a Man Wearing These Boots?

Or is the pointy-toed genie shoe craze crazy?

Yesterday, I read about a trend so hilarious and unlikely that I almost thought I was reading a piece from The Onion, rather than The Associated Press (opens in new tab). In northeastern Mexico, an unusual look is the new fad: Men are wearing boots with pointy toes so long that they look more like the footwear of genies or elves than cowboys. They're paying big money for kickers that have 35-inch-long extensions coming off the front.

"The pointy-boot fad coincided with a new dance craze of gyrating, drawer-dropping troupes dressed in matching western shirts and skinny jeans to accentuate their footwear," as The AP reports. It's spread as far as Mississippi and Texas, according to some DJs at rodeo-themed nightclubs. One woman told The AP, "The boots make them look more sexy because you can tell they are daring."

Right … or else it makes them look like complete ninnies. What do you think? Hot or not? Emperor's new clothes?