Let Us Now Objectify Presidential Men

Who is the hottest wanna-be leader of the free world?

Say what you will about the current crop of Republican Presidential contenders (and frankly, there's plenty of stuff I'd say if this were a political blog, rather than a dating blog), but one thing we all have to concede is that there a lot of hotties in the running — and as Slate's John Dickerson points out, the three hottest might be Jon Huntsman, Obama's former ambassador to China; Rick Perry, current governor of Texas; and Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. (To be more accurate, Dickerson says these three are the ones who most resemble the actors who play presidents in B-list movies.)

My hands-down favorite is Huntsman — those freckles, that little nose, the boyish face crowned by the salt-and-pepper hair! I would (almost) vote for him simply in the hopes we might see a bathing suit shot one day.

Now, who do you think is the cutest man for the job?