This Week's Dating Assignment

A smart, funny, attractive guy who not only admits to being clueless about women but is willing to share his dating diary? Tap your inner Bridget Jones by offering him your advice.

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My dating assignment for myself this week is:


No more pining over a gal, waiting days, worrying and losing confidence along the way. I'm going to begin applying the burner rotation system.

This system was in fact, created by a woman. She told me to have four burners.

* One would be on simmer, this is the girl I just contacted that I just met, and now I'm waiting for her next move.

* One would be on off, this is the longterm girl that is requiring time and patience.

* One would be on medium-hot, this is the girl that I can make out with and hang out with regularly but something is keeping us from dating.

* And the last burner - and this is the key — will remain empty, This is going to be filled temporarily by any girl I meet out. She'll either be moved to another burner eventually or cleared off.

So - what do you ladies think? I'll write back next week to tell you how I'm doing. We'll see if the stove gets really hot - or if I just end up burning my dinner...