The 10 Worst Ways to Breakup With Someone

As told by GIFs from The Hills.

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1. Sugarcoating it. Instead of providing false hope because it makes you feel better, give it to me straight so we can both move on.

2. Cheating. Don't let me walk in on you with someone else—some things cannot be unseen.

3. Moving out while I'm at work (#GIRLBOSS, just sayin'). The worst thing you could do is disappear without explanation (P.S. some of that sh*t was mine).

4. Being super vague and elusive. This is the time to use your words.

5. Explaining TOO much. I want to know what went wrong, but I do not want the entire pro/con list detailing every single one of my faults, thanks.

6. While we're away together. Always makes for a great trip home.

7. On a video chat. So like, do we hang up now? Or do you want to watch me cry via FaceTime?

8. During a holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

9. At a party. Filled with people I don't know. Who now know the intimate details of our relationship.

10. Via text message. Do I really have to explain this one?


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