10 Things Guys Hope You'll Say On A First Date

Words to live by.

"You look nice tonight." Women may be used to hearing physical compliments from men, but it's not always so the other way around. A simple, "That sweater looks really nice on you," bolsters his confidence and puts him at ease. Be wary of "you're cute" though; it makes a guy wonder if you think he's a puppy.

That You Think He's Funny Don't ask him to tell you a joke, but if he says something funny, feel free to laugh your head off. A woman's laugh, particularly if it's a little odd, is incredibly endearing. It also says to the guy that you get his sense of humor and find him delightful.

"I'm close with my family." It's not the end of the world if you're not, but there's something lovely about a woman lighting up while talking about her nice, normal, supportive parents.

That You Had an Awesome Weekend An active social life indicates that you are already in demand and a romantic relationship is just the icing on the cake for you. Hearing that you're out and about makes you seem fun, but don't go so far that it makes it seem that you're too busy for a potential bf.

"Let's get another." This could be another round of drinks, or any type of continuation of the date. If you had dinner, for example, it could be you suggesting a good gelato place down the street. This upping of the ante is saying that you're enjoying yourself and want to continue to get to know him.

"Oh! I love [insert shared hobby/movie/book] too!" The more obscure the common interest the better. But don't bullsh*t this one - only say you love that hobby if you're ready for him to get into it with you for the next ten minutes.

"We should go there sometime." If the date is going well and one of you is going on about the greatest jazz club in the city, it doesn't hurt to issue a non-specific invitation to said establishment. Saying, "I love jazz. We should go sometime," tells the guy that you like him and are interested in future dates.

That You're Kick-Ass A little bit of confidence in your abilities and skills goes a long way on a first date. Guys want to know that you're awesome at something, and the more out-there that thing is, the more intrigued we'll be.

"Can I help pay?" Many gentlemen feel the need to pay, at least on the first date. Still, it is awesome that you offered. Maybe next time?

"I had a great time." We men can be clueless at times. Every step he's walking you toward your door he's wondering if you're going to kiss. A simple "I had a great time" lets him know you're as into him as he is into you. And it's a great invitation to that first smooch.


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