4 Tips For Total Body Ecstasy

In less than 10 minutes, you can learn how to have orgasms that rock every single inch of your body.

1. Focus on the most sensitive part of the clitoris

For most women, that's a little off-center, at the 11 o'clock position (just off to your left side, from your point-of-view). "Start at the bottom of the clitoris and stroke up toward the top," says Walter Maksym, consultant on the book The One-Hour Orgasm. You should feel a little groove at 11 o'clock. That's the spot, Maksym says, but don't focus on it right away: "Tease all the way up to the most sensitive area, then circle it and build the anticipation."

2. Strengthen your orgasm by delaying it

Begin by touching your clitoris with slow strokes. When you're about to climax, back off, and regain control with lighter pressure. Then begin to build up again without going over the top, varying the pressure and speed of your strokes. Every time you build up to the edge, the intensity of the feeling will increase. The more times you do this, the more intense your ultimate orgasm will be.

3. Have an orgasm-by-association

You can learn to have an orgasm just by touching another part of your body. Start with the most sexually responsive part of your body, besides your clitoris-for most women, that's the nipples. Apply Vaseline to your nipple and encircle it with your finger while stroking your clitoris at the same time. Then shift back and forth between touching the nipple and clitoris. This will create a powerful connection between them, and eventually, you will be able to reach orgasm by just touching your nipple. Touching any part of your skin can create the same link--try teaching your body to orgasm from a touch on the nape of your neck, your ear, or your inner thigh.

4. Get your whole body involved

When you feel yourself about to climax, relax your hands and toes. "The normal inclination is to clench your fingers or grab the bedpost when you're climaxing, " says Maksym, "but by doing that, you actually resist the pleasure." Instead, gently open your fingers and toes, concentrating on the sensation. This allows your orgasm to become a total-body experience.