9 Great Things to Do If You're Single on Valentine's Day (That Aren't Boring Chocolates and a Movie)

Not that we don't love chocolate, but...

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Being single is vastly underrated, especially on Valentine's Day. Think about it: Is there anything more powerful than going against the status quo of what society tells you this one day is *supposed* to be about (couples and all), and instead feeding all of that love and energy to yourself? 💪 Let 2018 be the year you truly embrace yourself—doing whatever you want, wherever you want. Here, the ultimate solo to-do list if you're single this Valentine's Day.

1. Listen to Drake on repeat without interruption.


On what day of the year is it more appropriate to listen to all 22 songs of More Life, then reminisce about the Drake/Rihanna days and wonder how Drake is spending his own Valentine's Day?

2. Plan ahead and book yourself a wellness retreat.

Wellness has many definitions for different people, but if you a) love a good spa, b) are in need of some nature, c) have never tried glamping, or d) are craving the beautiful views of the west coast, consider booking a solo retreat to the Ventana Big Sur in—you guessed it—Big Sur, California. (Once you get there you'll completely forget what day is, anyways.) If you don't have the means to travel that far, try taking a personal day off from work and find a local retreat instead.

Ventana Big Sur, price available upon request


3. Dive into that book that's been sitting on your nightstand.

52 books in 52 weeks, anyone?

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A few of our picks: Spineless is the perfect mixture of science and memoir, telling the story of how one woman discovers her passion for the natural world. There's nothing quite like lighting a candle and reading the *very* relatable, emotional poems of Rupi Kaur in The Sun and Her Flowers. (Pro tip: grab a pen to jot down any and all thoughts while you cozy up with it.) And of course, there's Valley of the Dolls: a cult classic about the strength and power of womanhood.

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4. Buy yourself the lingerie you deserve.

The great thing about being single on Valentine's Day? No having to pretend you like the lingerie your S.O. bought you. (Also, I'll buy my own lingerie, thank you very much.) If lingerie isn't your thing, these understated lace panties (right) are a sexy touch to your underwear drawer.

5. Spend time journaling.

You have 10 more months to keep trekking through those new year's resolutions, and it never hurts to set some intentions for yourself. We love this chic notebook to keep track of everything going on inside our head.

6. Take an evening yoga class.

Instead of going home after work to watch a movie, why not head to a restorative yoga class? Restorative yoga focuses on staying in the poses for longer, targeting your muscles and ligaments to truly connect to the deep tissues throughout your body. If you've ever found an amazing yoga class in your lifetime, you'll know listening to A+ music, breathing deeply, and reflecting is the single closest thing to heaven.

7. Create an at-home spa.

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You *really* only need three essentials for this: a charcoal mask, amazing lotion, and a very pretty bath bomb like the ones to the left.

Lush, $8


C.O. Bigelow, $14


Le Metier de Beaute, $135


8. Have a wine night with your closest girlfriends. (Not that we need Valentine's Day as an excuse.)

Grab the Merlot, cheese, and your single girlfriends for a relaxing wine night. Bonus: turn the gathering into a book club with one of the picks in #3 so you'll avoid any unwanted ex talk.

9. Finally, if you're going to have chocolate, at least buy yourself a box of Godiva...not the supermarket brand.

You know, since there's going to be a chocolate shortage anyways. See? The single life isn't terrible. Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

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