The 20 Best Anal Toys of 2024

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If you're a fan of penetrative sex, anal stimulation can be an exciting new way to receive pleasure from or give pleasure to a sexual partner. Considering the taboo nature of this type of play (especially among straight women), though, many people who are interested in exploring this type of pleasure are of unsure of where to begin or which sex toys, like vibrators and dildos, to invest in. This uncertainty is particularly concerning with anal sex, given the fact that your rectum, unlike your vagina, is not self-lubricating. This increases the likelihood of injury when jumping into anal sex and anal vibrators without proper preparation (like having your lube of choice ready). 

Still, this doesn't mean that pleasurable anal sex is beyond reach! Keep scrolling to check out our best tips, tricks, and anal toys for a safe and overall booty-ful experience.

Anal Tips for Beginners

Zachary Zane, a sex columnist and sex expert for P.S. Condoms, recommends that if you're new to anal stimulation, you ease into it. "You definitely would like to start with something small," he advises. "A tiny butt plug or prostate massager is great for folks new to anal stimulation. I'd get a toy made from silicone instead of metal since silicone toys typically have a little bit more 'give.' Once you start getting comfortable with the butt plug, you can graduate to dildos, anal beads, anal hooks, and the like."

Meanwhile, Vanessa Smith, Director of Marketing at sex toy brand Emojibator, boils beginner anal exploration down to three key requirements: Communication, lubrication, and relaxation. "Get comfortable discussing anal play with your partner(s) and make sure they are too. If you're on your own, get comfortable thinking about it (and you can talk with yourself before/during/after play)," she says. And, on a logistical level, she adds, "Make sure you empty your bowels before indulging in any kind of anal play," so that you don't have to have any especially challenging conversations with a partner.

In terms of lubes, Smith says that this step is absolutely essential. "Remember: lube, lube, and more lube (but not numbing lube)! You want to be able to tell when something feels off or painful, so avoid numbing lube." In particular, she recommends Emojibator's Phuksaus Water-Based Premium Lube and/or their Phuksaus CBD Pleasure Gel

Finally, try to relax and remember that sex is supposed to be fun! Smith advises that, whether you're alone or using a sex toy with a partner, you should try stimulating other erogenous zones while exploring anal play. "Make sure you're aroused when trying anal stimulation," Zane agrees. "You can stimulate your vagina or penis while using [a] toy in your rear end. And do your best not to clench. Lastly, take, big deep breaths! Try to relax!"

"Relaxation makes all the difference," Smith admits, and suggests trying anal stimulation in the bath or shower. The setting will help assuage any anxieties about making a mess, and Smith says that "warm water can help relax the muscles even more."

Deals on Anal Toys

When it comes to the products Marie Claire recommends, we take your faith in us seriously. Every product that we feature comes recommended by a MC writer or editor, or by an expert we've spoken to. Learn more about how we review products.

Happy Rabbit Small Rechargeable Vibrating Bunny Tail Butt Plug 4 Inch $30 $9 | Lovehoney

Happy Rabbit Small Rechargeable Vibrating Bunny Tail Butt Plug 4 Inch $30 $9 | Lovehoney

Not only is this vibrating anal plug perfect for beginners, but it's also playful-looking and a breeze to clean. 

CalExotics Dr. Joel Premium Prostate Massager $30 $23 | PinkCherry

CalExotics Dr. Joel Premium Prostate Massager $30 $23 | PinkCherry

Beginners love this massager for how it gently probes the p-spot without stretching the rectum uncomfortably.

The Best Anal Sex Toys

Best Anal Toys for Beginners

There are many anal toys made with beginners in mind, and we've rounded up some of the best. Per Zachary Zane's advice, you should start small and consider thin, silicone toys, or relaxing tools like prostate massagers (just because women don't have prostate glands, doesn't mean they can't enjoy these). In a similar vein, Vanessa Smith recommends anal beads, plugs, and training kits made for beginners. 

But before you add a drawer's worth of anal toys to your cart, remember to explore the rectal area yourself (or with the help of a partner) first! "Start small by using just a finger with lots of lube then move up to toys," Smith agrees. After all, silicone's great, but there's nothing quite like skin-on-skin.

Best Anal Plugs

Not sure what an anal plug is or what it can do for you? Vanessa Smith has got you covered: "Anal plugs come in all sorts of styles and materials," she explains. "Vibrating anal plugs can help relax the sphincter muscles and stimulate the g-spot or p-spot," which, she points out, makes the toy perfect for beginners.

Best Vibrating Anal Toys

Not only are vibrators all-around fan favorites in the world of sex toys, but they're also great for those who are just getting started with anal. "Vibrating anal plugs are especially great for beginners," says Vanessa Smith, "because the vibrations help relax the muscles while providing extra pleasure to the sensitive nerves in and around the anus."

Best Anal Beads

What makes anal beads ideal for beginners and those in search of gradual anal stimulation? Great question! "Anal beads start very small at the insertion point and grow slightly larger and larger as you get closer to the end," answers Smith. This way, you or your partner can work your way up, bead by bead, and stop with ease if the pressure becomes overwhelming.

Best Anal Dildos

Whether you or your partner are into strap-ons, double penetration, or traditional dildos, there are a variety of toys out there that are sure to please. And remember: If you're new to anal sex, start slow! There's no need to rush into any sort of sex act, nor is there any need to engage in the act at all if it's something you're not comfortable with.

For more, visit our Sexual Wellness section, where we unpack topics around consent, kink, sex toys, and more so you can have your safest and very best sexperiences yet.

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Zachary Zane
Zachary Zane

Zachary Zane is a columnist for Men's Health whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Slate, The Daily Beast, and more. He's also the author of a memoir, Boyslut, and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community on a national level. Currently, he is based in New York City.

Vanessa Smith
Vanessa Smith

Vanessa Smith is the director of marketing at Emojibator, a sexual wellness company committed to demystifying sexual health and making sex toys less intimidating for beginners. She also runs a sexual wellness coaching business.

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