Google Tells You What's Wrong with Your Boyfriend

Women are searching for answers to some serious relationship problems online.

Google search engine screenshot
(Image credit: Future)

Google tells you a lot of things. How to bake an apple pie. What time Get Him to the Greek is playing at the cineplex. Driving directions to Seattle. Why your boyfriend won't get a job. ... Wait, what?

That's right.

Apparently your boyfriend also won't have sex with you (among other things) or even talk to you, according to Google's fancy-schmancy — and utterly hilarious-slash-depressing — autocomplete feature. As these women with relationship troubles type in their search, the engines behind Google generate a list of the top 10 phrases that correlate.

If you just typed in "my boyfriend," the results aren't much more optimistic. That simple phrase yields such results as "my boyfriend is boring" and "my boyfriend hates me."

The bright side? Well, perhaps those in normal, healthy relationships have no reason to Google their woes. But if that's not the case, you can rest assured that your boyfriends are right there with you, wondering why their girlfriends won't call or text, to name a few. It looks like this may just be a case of miscommunication!

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