Pack *This* in Your Carry-on to Make Flying Less Painful

You know how some travelers just seem to get it? Maybe you spot them on the train or are sitting next to them on the plane, and they calmly start whipping out genius little life-savers and fixes for the unexpected they somehow knew to expect. We asked four such women how they make the most of their carry-on so that you can copy their hacks (including drops to relieve red eyes). Go on and be that totally put-together traveler making everyone around you jealous. Happy travels!

Fake good sleep.



"I always travel with eye drops to remedy the effects of travel—they [feel] soothing after a long trip and help me look more [refreshed], especially after brutal overnight flights." - Avery Matera, style writer

LUMIFY™ Redness Reliever Eye Drops;

Bring the good smells with you.

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"My toddler and I have done 31 flights together—my carry-on packing is a science. We always pack a mini spray bottle of lavender water. I use it as a toner on my skin when I’m dry from flying, and it also doubles as an air freshener for a hotel room." - Susan Streit Sherman, chef and founder of Crate Cooking

Pack smarter, not harder.

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"I recently learned about packing cubes, and they've saved my life. They make organizing easier and packing more efficient, and they're great at saving space. I'm thoughtful about the type of bags I bring, too: I like a big duffel bag as my carry-on suitcase since it gives me even more room to pack, and I can fit a small purse in it." - Alison Stroming, professional dancer

Pre-plan your entertainment.

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“Sound-proof headphones are a must, and I always make sure to have a podcast or something downloaded in advance to keep me entertained." - Meredith Meyer, publicist

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