These Luxury Overnight Trains Will Make You Feel Like You're Time Traveling

Not your average commuter rail experience.

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With luxury hotels and resorts all around the world, Belmond has no shortage of options when it comes to top-of-the-line vacations. But beyond its reliably luxurious and stylish hotels around the world, the hospitality brand also has a few one-of-a-kind travel experiences of the non-stationary variety.

And by that, we mean luxury sleeper trains. So if you thought the golden age of train travel was over, think again. Hopping aboard their trains in Europe, Asia, and South America is like time traveling to a bygone era, making it a truly unique way to see and explore new places (except, of course, the interiors are updated with modern amenities). Learn about Belmond's four sleeper trains below—and try to pick just one you want to book.


Designed by Muza Lab, the Andean Explorer is South America's first luxury sleeper train, and it travels along one of the highest routes in the world. While aboard this retro-inspired train, you'll wind through the Andean Mountains. Inside, craft furnishings reflect Peru's cultural heritage, best enjoyed while watching the breathtaking scenes whiz by. There are a few different itineraries to choose from, ranging from one to two nights and traveling between Cusco and Arequipa or Cusco and Puno, a town right by Lake Titicaca.

Step Inside the Andean Explorer



Stepping foot inside this trail of carriages is like being transported to a more romantic past. With quintessential Art Deco roots and adorned in rich jewel tones, luxe materials, and elegant decor, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the perfect way to city hop, as you'll be able to see more of the countryside (even in Switzerland, even though you don't stop there). You can book a few different journeys, each lasting one night. The routes go between Paris and Verona, Verona and London, Venice and London, and Paris and Venice. Oh, and each cabin has a personal steward. Talk about luxury.

Step Inside the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express



Soak in the views of Ireland's rocky coastline and lush patchwork fields aboard the Grand Hibernian. The sleeper carriages were inspired by Ireland's Georgian Architecture, so you'll be immersed in the local landscape every step of the way. The saloon is intimate and cozy, animated and warm, with live music, comfy seating, and locally-inspired beverages. This train offers three different journeys: Legends and Loughs, four night trip through Dublin, Cork, Galway and Westport with excursions in each; A Taste of Ireland, a two night adventure from Dublin to Kilkenny with a culinary emphasis; and the Grand Tour, a six night stay that travels from Dublin to Cork, Galway, Westport, and Waterford.

Step Inside the Grand Hiberian



Belmond's only sleeper train in Asia, the Eastern & Oriental Express, is a special way to experience the cosmopolitan cities, ancient ruins, and mesmerizing countryside landscapes of the region. With Journeys from Singapore to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, you'll get to explore enchanting backwater rivers, watch the sun set over the lush countryside, and bike throw rice paddy fields. There are a few different variations of each trip plus a few special offers like the Fables of the Peninsula, so you can take your pick between a two, three, or four-night stay.

Step Inside the Eastern & Oriental Express


And the last things you need for your trip:

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