Designer Gabriela Hearst on Her Ideal Escape from New York City

When a break from the hustle and bustle is in order, the designer heads to Uruguay.

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Gabriela Hearst, 39, has a namesake label that's fast becoming a fashion-set must-have. But when the mom of three needs to get away, she heads to her childhood home in Uruguay—where the nearest town is nearly two hours away. Here, a look at the escape.

Gabriela Hearst
Tom Hines

T he life: I lived on my family's ranch, surrounded by horses and cattle, until I was 17. I took over the sheep-breeding and merino-wool operations after my father passed away in 2011, so now I fly back several times a year. It's very remote—the closest city, Paysandú, is over two hours away. I bring my three kids when I can, because it's important to me that they connect with nature. We don't worry about Wi-Fi or TV—we just enjoy good food and good chat, sit by the fire, and go to bed early. It's heaven.

The Estancia Vik José Ignacio hotel
Courtesy of Vik Retreats

The thrills: We have a few pickup trucks but get around mostly on horseback. My father was a gaucho and taught me how to ride. The property is about 17,000 acres, so you can go for miles. I wear a classic gaucho look—my dad's boots, gaucho pants, a shirt, a faja (cloth waistband), and a leather belt with a silver buckle—to pay respect to the traditions. As a designer, I like clothes that have meaning and functionality. I'm not attracted to pure decorativeness. People like my husband—who is into sports such as cycling, sailing, and fishing—inspire me.

The food: Groceries get delivered monthly, but we eat a lot from the farm. There are chick- ens, so we have organic eggs, plus lamb, and then tomatoes from the garden. We do big barbecues, too. My favorite thing is a traditional Spanish dessert called Martin Fierro, which is basically cheese and thick, fruity jam.

The essentials: I pack lightweight dresses for hot days, sweaters for cold nights. We also have a place in José Ignacio, a fishing village on the coast near Punta del Este. There, I live in relaxing, bohemian clothes.

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