6 Things Half-Buns Look Like

Who wore it better?

As we coil and pin our way into the Second Wave of the half-bun, public opinion still remains divided over the style's aesthetic appeal. Is it a do? Is it a don't? Who cares as long as it gets your hair up and away without straining your neck because topknots are so damn heavy? To entertain/make fun of ourselves because we're cool like that, we've compiled five things our heads now resemble thanks to fashion. Is that an acorn? Yes. Yes it is.

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1 A Kaiser roll

From left to right: Ashley Olsen at the 2015 Met Gala, aerial view of Ashley Olsen at the 2015 Met Gala.

2 The Beijing National Stadium, AKA The Bird's Nest

Even though this is totally anachronistic, Ai Weiwei *would* be the one to see JLo's vertical half-bun in a dream and be inspired by its texture.

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3 A finial

Finial = fancy topper thingy for fancy architecture. Half-bun = fancy topper thingy for your head.

4 The poop emoji

Sorry, Hilary Duff. It had to be done.

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5 An acorn

Sorry, Margot Robbie. I saw an opportunity and took it.

6 Li Shang from 'Mulan'

Not sorry at all, Kate Mara. This is a very high compliment, TBQH.

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