10 Animals That Look Like People You Work With

The office jungle can get weird.

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The Fretful Underling
They hear their name whispered and are instantly paranoid.

The 'Keep Your Head Down' Co-Worker
This person is afraid of the copy machine and is convinced it requires a blood sacrifice before operating it properly.

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The Office Whisperer
They are really likeable so you want to open up and tell them you're secrets. You're not special; they are like this with everyone. Sorry Becky, but Patricia knows what those birthday shots made you do… now so does the entire office.

The "O.M.G. Why Did I Do That" Worker
They rage outside of work and are constantly hungover. They are creative in the fact that anything can be transformed into a headrest.

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The Office Friend
She pops by to see what you're doing, asks about your weekend, and wants to vent.

The Boss
Your sphincter immediately tightens when she simply appears in the hallway.

The Overly Confident Co-worker Who Is Really Just Average
Contrary to popular belief, this employee does not poop roses.

The Completely Unaware Coworker
They are never sure of their daily tasks, general surroundings, and usually prefer to stick with the pack rather than venture out on their own. This may result in a lack of social skills, which includes: staring at a computer screen for hours, too close-for-comfort "talking," and spitting off completely invaluable information.

The Chipper Co-Worker
We love to hate them, especially on Monday because they are happy just doing anything, even fixing inevitable paper jams.

The Able Bodied Questionnaire
They are like a living and breathing Gynecological exam—they are up in your business and no question is too personal.

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