16 Mother's Day Gifts Under $200

Moms can be tough to shop for, and Mother's Day really packs on the pressure. We've all felt the toils of finding that perfect gift that a) shows you care and know what Mom likes, and b) she'll actually use and enjoy. So, we're here to help. From tablets to cupcakes and sweet snacks to soaps, treat your mother to something that truly proves you know what she's all about.


April 9, 2013 12:00 PM
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Courtesy of Companies

San Francisco Salt Company Six-Pack Designer Bag

This six-pack of bath salts couldn't be more ideal for a Mother’s Day treat if it tried. Smells of lavender and muscle soothers will provide the ultimate at-home spa-day for any mom.

San Francisco Salt Company Six-Pack, $59.99, San Francisco Bath Salt Company.