How Caitlyn Jenner Switched Up Her Skincare Regimen Post-Transition

The I Am Cait star breaks down her new beauty routine.

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As Caitlyn Jenner continues to become more comfortable with living her most authentic life, the I Am Cait star has invited fans to ask questions about her experiences as trans on social media. In the latest edition of #AskCait, she reveals how she's perfected her beauty regimen since becoming a woman. 

"Hi Caitlyn. I'm curious—how has your skincare changed since your transition?," asked DK, a query which the former Olympian shared on her website and Twitter. "You are beautiful." 

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"Has my skin changed since transition? Certainly it has," Jenner responded via video, before explaining how taking care of her skin has been a work in progress ever since the '80s—when she first had her beard removed. 

"[Removing my beard] actually took a lot of volume out right out of [my chin]," she told DK, along with her 2.9 million followers. "So it was kind of, a little bit pothole-y, you know? That has gotten better throughout the years. Which is a good thing."

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Just as her complexion has improved with age, so has the 65-year-old's glam squad situation. 

"By the way, I never had a makeup artist," she admitted. "I always did my own makeup until I started shooting [I Am Cait] and I have kept to it now for the show. Because you know, it's television and you want to look good."

Helping her remain flaw-free? Well, just like the rest of us, she often turns to MAC. 

"I think they do a great job," she said. "I love their coverage. And it's been a lot of fun for me to learn, kind of, the makeup and how it works."

Could there be a Caitlyn Jenner Viva Glam collection in the works? Fingers crossed, people. Fingers crossed.

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