Taylor Swift Inducts Uzo Aduba into Her Squad, Uzo Aduba Freaks Out

Can you feel the love tonight?

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Sixty years from now, when octogenarian Taylor Swift has completed her sold-out farewell tour, gotten Katy Perry back for making more money than her and Beyoncé combined, and cured the common cold, she will harness her formidable celebrity-gathering powers and become a chat show host. It could happen.

During her concert in New Jersey on Saturday, the musician whose badass-bitchery is so palpable *Jennifer Lawrence* had to acknowledge it brought out the usual suspects for "Style," plus one more famous person we have never seen in this context before: Uzo Aduba of Orange Is the New Black fame.

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Tayzo/Uzaylor then shared the love via their social channels extensively.

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Mark my words: It won't be long before we see an Insta of them baking Anne Burrell's chocolate chip cookies together. Which is another way of saying the Taylor Swift Army just got a new lieutenant.

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