George and Amal Clooney Go on a Twin-Free, Super Cute Date Night

They got a sitter!

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It's not quite Rihanna riding a jet ski sidesaddle, but when you're parents to newborn twins, even a quiet dinner out can be a thrilling change of pace. (From the screaming at all hours and uncontrollable peeing, we imagine.)

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Leaving Ella and Alexander safely at home this time, probably behind 70 multi-tumbler locks and retina-scanner keys, George and Amal Clooney enjoyed what is likely their first outing since the birth of their son and daughter. According to the Daily Mail, the casually dressed couple dined at Il Gatto Nero, "one of George's favorite eateries," an important distinction considering he is the unofficial mayor of Lake Como.

From there, we can deduce they ate food, met friends, then perhaps went home because babysitters are expensive, especially when you have to pay for their pizza delivery.

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