5 Offbeat Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Family

When you're tired of watching the classics.

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You've probably seen Home Alone and It's a Wonderful Life dozens of times in your youth, but when they've started to lose their charm as an adult, turn to some of these off-the-beaten path films that might actually get you feeling some kind of spirit (even if they don't explicitly involve Santa or elves).

1. 'Metropolitan'

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When everything feels too sentimental or sappy for Christmas, find some levity with the snobs of Whit Stillman's bourgeois comedy of manners. The quippy dialogue is perfect for an older family that's not settling for the kid's flicks.

2. 'The Family Stone'

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Dysfunction takes center stage in The Family Stone, which could either be a cathartic escape from your own chaotic family dinner or a positive way to feel better about your normalcy. The surrounding cast is excellent, too, from SJP's uptight Meredith to Rachel McAdams's smart-ass Amy. Warning: tears may be shed.

3. 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang'

When Christmas calls for a black comedy, look into Robert Downey Jr.'s turn as a crook-turned-actor in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. There's enough action, suspense, and laughs to keep everyone awake long after dinner's over.

4. 'Bridget Jones' Diary'

Though Bridget Jones' Diary always gets overshadowed by Love Actually in the British Christmas movies department, the former is still one of the most hilarious and heartwarming ways to ring in Christmas with the family. Consider the iconic ugly Christmas sweaters, uncomfortable Christmas dinners that could rival your own (blue string soup!), the epic snow scenes, and of course, the way says Renee Zellweger says "pervert."

5. 'Scrooged'

One of the best takes on the age-old Scrooge story is Bill Murray's Scrooged, which sees him in ghost territory again as an inconsiderate executive who's plagued by figures from his past as he's preparing a production of A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray lends a certain comedic spirit to this Debbie Downer script, and it's worth watching him confront his demons.

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