The Perfect Road Trip Playlist


99-CENT DJ Who needs satellite radio? Put the soft-top down, grab a map, and crank up the volume: Music critic Scott Frampton customizes your August road-trip playlist.

"Fallin' for You," COLBIE CAILLAT. A sweet-voiced acoustic ditty, as bright as the rays on your windshield.

"Race You," ELIZABETH & THE CATAPULT. Brisk, jazz-inflected pop with smart lyrics to spare; will make you rev your engine at stoplights.

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"Tonight's Today," JACK PEÑATE. This song-of-the-summer candidate pulses like vintage R&B—so refreshingly right, right now, the girls in the backseat will stop bickering over the armrest.

"Red," DANIEL MERRIWEATHER. A heartbroken ballad by a passionate Aussie with an old-soul voice—perfect for a long road to nowhere.

"Hold the Line," MAJOR LAZER. This madcap, M.I.A.-like take on dance-hall reggae, with Santigold singing the hook, will have you pulling off at the next exit for some local color at the neighborhood bar.

"First Train Home," IMOGEN HEAP. Head back to where you started via Heap's breathy trills, tumbling beats, and whirring synths; let the catchy chorus be your guide.


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