NYFW Fall 2014: Alice + Olivia's Well-Dressed Fairytale

It's always a party with Alice + Olivia.

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The poppy exclamation point of the fashion industry, Alice + Olivia transported its showgoers to a fantastical universe of teased hair, Snow White, and Saturday Night Fever for its 2014 Fall presentation. Set in a mystical forest wonderland, there were deep v-neck dresses and disco suits reminiscent of Studio 54, juxtaposed with Victorian-inspired lace dresses and colorful stoles.

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Inspiration for the scenic fairy tale was inspired by children's French pop-up book author and illustrator Benjamin Lancombe. "He creates these creepy fairy tale illustrations and I was obsessed with the book and wanted to do a whole story based around this — the first picture in this book are these butterfly wings so I wanted to do a butterfly print and create this whole fantasy world," said Alice + Olivia designer, Stacey Bendet, "It's supposed to be a modern Victorian feel so the dresses all have Victorian elements."

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Decadent details like high lace collars and high sheen fabrics were evocative of royal tapestries, crafted into floor length dresses and pantsuits — the perfect party attire for any era.

No matter what decade you are dazzling in, Alice + Olivia knows how to throw one hell of a party — and dress the part.

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