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Don't you just love that moment when you pick up a really good book, and know that you can be content for hours? We do too, which is why we've put together a list of the four books we can't stop reading right now.

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1. The Asylum by Simon Doonan, $26;

Simon Doonan is an iconic figure in the New York fashion world. He's not only incredibly funny, but has created some of the most amazing window displays in the history of Barneys, written several equally-as-funny books before this one, and even appeared on Gossip Girl. His latest book, The Ayslum, is full of hilarious tales of Doonan's experiences in the fashion industry, from a Michael Kors show where a ceiling collapsed on Suzy Menkes, to the time the basement at Barneys flooded, along with all of his props.

2. Man Repeller by Leandra Medine, $25;

That's right ladies, Leandra Medine, author of the cult-loved blog, The Man Repeller, has penned a book. Based on Medine's experiences with certain outfits, this hilarious read is a collection of personal essays that detail some of the authors major life events (that of course, she remembers by outfit). Buy it. Read it. Laugh. We promise, you'll definitely be entertained.

3. Break into Beauty by Courtney and Brit Dunlop, $19.99, iTunes

Looking to make it in the beauty industry? Written by sisters Courtney (a beauty editor and marketing consultant), and Brit (a model and design consultant), this e-book is a practical guide to making it in beauty, whether you envision a career as a beauty editor, buyer, public relations consultant or product developer. Full of practical tips and advice from girls who've actually made it, this is a must-read for any girl dreaming to make her mark on the world of beauty.

4. It by Alexa Chung,

The It-Brit Alexa Chung is a woman of many talents. She hosts a TV-show in the UK, collaborated on a collection with Madewell, regularly DJ's, and is considered a fashion and style icon by many. To the delight of girls everywhere she recently completed her book, 'It' which is more a diary of thoughts and images than a memoir. Full of pretty snaps and quirky sayings, it's one to add to your mantle.

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