How to Avoid Wearing a Bra This Whole Summer, No Matter Your Size

Free nipples and boob sweat for all.

Of the few things that rank above whipping your bra off at the end of the day in Satisfaction Points™, not wearing an underwire at all has to come out near the top. Here, some advice for how anyone can go free-boobing this summer—even those of us who were born without fashion-girl chests.

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Choose a thicker fabric

Eliminates the need for nipple covers; still provides some support, emotional and otherwise. You could do a solid-colored knit like Olivia Newton-John here, but for extra coverage, go for a stripe or other print.

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Or structure

The jacket-with-nothing-underneath thing is so chic and so flattering. If you're not keen on having to deal with fashion tape, though, just put on a bandeau—you still get the skin and the braless-ness, but with just a bit less *movement,* if you know what I mean.

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Or a ~distracting~ neckline

Have you ever seen an ugly sternum? Didn't think so. This is why, if you're going to show anything, it should include the area between your boobs. Go loose enough with a U-neckline top like Kendall's or even just an unbuttoned-to-there shirt and you definitely won't need a bra, no matter how big/ungainly you think you are.

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Or just obscure everything with an extra layer

Doesn't have to be a bomber—something silky and robe-y works well for the summer.

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Go deep with the armholes

It's simple optics: The more boob strategically shown, the less boob there must (conceivably) be. For that, the chic-girl version of a bro tank does just fine: The neckline should be cut low, the armholes should dip enough for some side-boob, and the whole effect should be breezy.

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Or loose, loose, loose

As long as you've got some shoulder/clavicle action, you're good.

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Or a boob valance

A huge ruffle hiding everything works too.

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Or boob scaffolding

Boob *fence*? In any case, the laces provide the architecture that holds them in place while simultaneously advertising them. Perfect.

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