Jihan Thompson

Jihan Thompson is a freelance writer and entrepreneur based in New York. 

Never Look Bad at Work Again
Famous crisis manager Judy Smith laughs at the job mistakes that keep the rest of us awake at night. Take her advice to look good at wo…
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These 3 Women Defied the Odds to Make Bold Business Moves—and Now They're Killing It

Not taking "no" for an answer = your new mantra.

teresa lewis
Diary of My Preventative Double Mastectomy
At the age her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Teresa Lewis made a drastic decision to avoid the same fate.
rape kit
Real Women's Rape Kit Stories

Four women tell the tragic stories of their rape cases.

I Work in a Morgue
One woman gives an inside look into her life as a hospital's mortuary manager and go-to corpse wrangler.
model in glamorous bathing suit on beach
3 "Sexy" (& Totally Inappropriate!) Oil Spill Ads
The oil spill has been undeniably bad for the environment, but can half-naked women make it good for business?
MAC & Rodarte Step Up Efforts in Mexico
Yesterday, I wrote about the new cosmetic collaboration between MAC and Rodarte that's had the blogosphere abuzz concerning its questio…
barack obama
Is Barack Obama the First Female President?
A new Washington Post article calls his "lack of leadership" womanly.
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Great Shopping Site Gets an Upgrade
Love Shop It To Me? Now it's better than ever.
Girl's Guide to Grilling
Grilling expert Elizabeth Karmel solves the most common dilemmas.
party lights
Best Outdoor Lighting Tips
Apartment Therapy lighting expert Laure Joliet on the easiest ways to light your party.
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A Better Way to Celebrate Mom
This Mother's Day, skip the standard bouquet and give Mom a gift that matters.
the new couple rules
5 Last-Minute Tax Tips
Time is running out to get those taxes filed. We checked in with Amy McAnarney, executive director of H&R Block's Tax Institute, fo…
Vote Now! All Women Deserve Access to Contraception!
The Obama administration is giving ordinary people a chance to become a part of the change the campaign promised.
Femme Fatality
More than ever, women are dopping dead on prime-time TV. And why is this entertainment?
How to Fire a Friend
Need to fire a few toxic friends? We asked consultant Janet Banks, a downsizing expert, for all the frenemy protocol.
Stalker ID
A new digital service that cloaks your number for caller ID is the latest technology for jealous partners. But does it cross the line b…
Pink Ladies: Promoting Peace
Italian activists don pink nun habits to promote peace and tolerance.
What's Up With Your Chilly Office?
If you're routinely reaching for a sweater at work, odds are good the thermostat was set by a man.
five men and women having dinner
Holiday Tip: Remodel for the Day
Transform your teeny studio into an entertaining oasis.
five men and women having dinner
Celebrity Hosting Secrets
Stars share their best Thanksgiving hosting tips.
pink ribbon with dart through it
Q&A with Founder of Susan G. Komen For the Cure
MC talked to Nancy Goodman Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation named in honor of her sister.
Fashion With a Conscience
Next time you buy a pair of Gap jeans, do it guilt-free.
Stop Dieting!

After years of yo-yo dieting, Jihan Thompson learns to embrace the last 5 pounds.

pray the devil back to hell
Get Involved in the Global Peace Tour
In 2003, a small group of Liberian women banded together to demand peace in their country that had been devastated by years of war with…
The Bottom Line
No Raise - How About a New Computer?
New High Intensity Workouts to Try
If you're in a weight-loss rut, blame your predictable workouts (pilates? Yawn). Sign up for these new high-intensity regimens that pro…
The Botox Debate: Does it age you?
Abortion by Cow Meds
Let's say you're under 18, pregnant, and unable to get an abortion without parental consent, as is the case in 24 states. The logical t…