(Fred) Savage Love

Fred Savage is back in a new pilot, Single White Millionaire, just announced at CBS.

Yessss, people. Fred Savage is back in a new pilot, Single White Millionaire, just announced at CBS.

I have nursed a rather unhealthy obsession will all things Fred since The Wonder Years, one of the finest damn shows ever. I laughed, I cried, I cringed in all its junior-high adolescent glory, and since Fred was just a month older than me, and considering the amount of time I spent watching TV, we kinda grew up together. The only difference was that he had a wise voice-over who had everything figured out, while I was on my own.

My WY connection grew even stronger a few years ago, when — true story — the guy I was dating gave me a snow globe, and I gave him a four-leaf clover, without either of us knowing that the other person was going to repeat the gifts Winnie and Kevin gave each other in the "Great Wonder Years Christmas Present Episode."

Okay, it's beyond dorky, I admit, but my devotion remains. Ever since the demise of the show, I've had to tune in to see Fred in some pretty weird places: a freaky Lifetime drama where he date-raped Candace Cameron (No One Would Tell); a pre-Office sitcom about cube life (Working); and countless classic childhood flicks: The Boy Who Could Fly, The Wizard, The Princess Bride and Vice Versa (Judge! Reinhold!). The kid even hosted SNL. But these days, he's a pretty prolific director. For every Daddy Day Camp he puts out into the world (seriously, Fred, don't do that again), there's a slew of fantastic It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes he's helmed.

So welcome back to being in front of the camera, Fred. As my longest-standing crush, it's great to see you.

For more WY nostalgia, check out The Wonder Years: An American Narrative. And I double-dog-dare you not to cry during the WY opening theme.

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