Jennifer Chowdhury

Conservative Muslims and Islamophobes Have One Thing in Common: Hating Mona Haydar

The Muslim-American rapper is breaking every rule to dismantle the patriarchy within Islam—and outside of it.

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From a Refugee Camp to Yeezy Season 5: How Halima Aden Made It in America

Just five days after she got signed, this hijab-wearing model booked one of the biggest gigs in fashion—and she's not stopping there.

The Road from Abuser to Mass Murderer

Why is his history as a domestic abuser not a bigger part of the conversation?

Greek prostitution
With No Other Job Options, Greek Women Are Turning to Sex Work to Stay Afloat

The money troubles in Greece go so much deeper than lines at the ATM.

Fadumo Dayib Is Risking Her Life to Be Somalia's First Female Presidential Candidate
"You're going into a boxing match even though your hands are tied behind your back."
Indiana Sentences a Woman with Feticide for the First Time
She's facing 20 years for what she says was a miscarriage.
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