Maison Margiela's Replica By the Fireplace Perfume Is on Sale Right Now

This is not a drill!

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Do you ever walk by a stranger on a crowded street corner and realize that you're suddenly in love with the perfume that they have on? Or, can you expertly identify the exact scent that your friend is wearing without ever having to ask because you’ve spent so much time sampling it at your local counter? That’s how fashion and beauty insiders feel about Maison Margiela’s cult-favorite range of Replica perfumes.  Everyone seems to have their favorite scent from the line, all of which are meant to transport you back to specific memories or places in your life. The most popular of these is undoubtedly the Replica By The Fireplace Eau De Toilette, which just so happens to be majorly marked down right now as a part of Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale.

The unisex perfume is filled with notes of spicy pink peppercorns and rich chestnut accord alongside touches of bright orange flower and calming vanilla. While it originally retails for $72, a one-ounce bottle is discounted down to $61 right now in the sale. The larger three-ounce bottle, which originally retails for $135, is marked down to $115.

 If you've already decided on your signature perfume, or if you’re shopping for someone who is determined to collect every single iteration of Replica By The Fireplace, feel free to shop the scented candle which is also included in Nordstrom’s sale and is priced at $53. The sale is running through November 26, so you have some time to decide on your favorite before you actually make a purchase. 

Take it from me, the person who swears by a range of overly-sweet floral scents: Replica By The Fireplace will convert you to the stronger side of perfume. It has earned a near-perfect rating on Nordstrom’s site and has garnered a legion of adoring fans in the process. Reviewers claim that the scent lasts all day and is noticeable without being overwhelmingly powerful. 

While the stronger, dare I say fiery notes will definitely stick around, they’re perfectly balanced by the subtler sweeter touches. This is the kind of warm and cozy scent that will faintly cling to all of your chunky knit sweaters long after you’ve taken them off at the end of the day—in the best way.

Not only do perfumes hardly ever go on sale, but discounted designer ones are even harder to come by. Better yet, this wintery-smelling fragrance is only one of several scents from Maison Margiela's Replica range that are a part of Nordstrom’s Black Friday sale selection, so feel free to add a few different options to your holiday wish list. 

Or, pick up a new scent for every season. Other summer-appropriate standouts from the line include the Replica Beach Walk Eau de Toilette, which is literally meant to take you back to your favorite tropical destination and features notes of ylang-ylang, coconut milk, and lemon. If you prefer a fragrance with a bit of brightness, consider the Replica Matcha Meditation Eau de Toilette, which includes touches of jasmine, moss, cedar, and yes, earthy matcha. Whichever option you choose, prepare to never want to wear anything else ever again.

Julia Marzovilla
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