Got a Heart-Shaped Face? This Is the Hairstyle That Flatters You Best

Because you've apparently been doing it wrong your whole life.

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Got a heart-shaped face, huh? Oh, boy—you’ve probably spent your entire life not knowing what to do with your hair, because how could you?! How could you know what to do unless someone specifically showed you the most-flattering, most-sexy, most-look-at-her, heart-shaped haircut in the entire world?! HOW HAVE YOU LIVED THIS LONG WITHOUT THIS INFO?!

Real talk: I’m not about that haircut-for-your-face thing. Maybe because I read too many of these advice columns in junior high, in between tips on how to “make boys like me,” and how to look “thinner” and “prettier,” but I fully believe that you should wear whatever you want to wear, and cut your hair however the hell you want to cut it, because guess what: Whatever you want to do with your hair is automatically the best and most-attractive style for your face, because you’ll look and feel happiest wearing it.

However, there is something to be said about chopping your hair off at certain angles that flatter that specific face of yours, like cutting deep bangs to emphasize your cheekbones, or getting chin-length layers to widen your face. But, like, there’s no right or wrong, here. And what looks good on, say, Amber Rose or Naomi Campbell, two heart-shaped facers, may not necessarily be your style, because we are all beautiful, individual little butterflies, and blah, blah.

That being said, I get that you came here for some inspiration before you head into the salon to razor your hair to shreds. And if starting with your face shape helps, then I’ve got you covered with some of the heartiest of heart-faced celebs, below, along with a few tips on why, exactly, their hairstyle works.


THE HARCUT: Thick, side-swooping bangs, which gives the illusion of a narrower face.

WHY IT WORKS: Because it’s mother f*cking KERRY WASHINGTON, that’s why.

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THE HAIRCUT: Blunt, eyebrow-skimming bangs that taper off around the face, “hiding” the largest part of a heart-shaped face.


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THE HAIRCUT: Short and cropped, with a deep side-part that visually splits the forehead in thirds, breaking up the structure of the face a bit.

WHY IT WORKS: Have you SEEN badass Ruby Rose? Badass Ruby Rose does whatever the hell she wants.

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THE HAIRCUT: Long layers that start at the jaw, which helps “round” the corners of a heart-shaped face for a softer look.

WHY IT WORKS: Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t care why it does or doesn’t work, because it’s Jennifer Lawrence. And that’s why it works.

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