Gorgeous Twists Styles for Natural Hair

Get ready to screenshot every one.

twisted styles
twisted styles
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Braided styles will always sit at the forefront as the perfect protective style go-to. (opens in new tab) But there happens to be a two-strand opponent, better known as twists, that embody the same mesmerizing and protective qualities (opens in new tab). Two-strand twists are a low tension, low maintenance, and super-easy style iteration to achieve in less time than braids take. Whether you’re trying to grow out your hair by switching from wash-and-gos to protective styles, (opens in new tab) or you’re just bored with your current go-to hairstyle, (opens in new tab) I've rounded up the prettiest twisted hairstyles to keep you out of a hair rut. From a sultry twisted faux hawk to waist length passion twists, prepare to screenshot and make an appointment with your stylist to recreate this season's most stunning twisted styles. Check out our favorites, ahead, and grab your leave-ins and wide tooth combs—you're in for some beautifully twisted hairspo.

1. This Twisted Ponytail 

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Go bold or go home. Try a sleek twisted high ponytail, like this style done on Jourdan Dunn by hair extraordinaire Ursula Stephens (opens in new tab).

2. This Senegalese Twisted Angled Bob 

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Put a twist on a protective style classic. Instead of going for the typical shoulder length or longer senegalese twist, try cutting your twist into an angled bob. Now that's a major look!

3. This Twisted Updo 

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Try gathering your twist into an updo. Check out these two-strand twist-turned-masterpiece by the incredible Larry Sims (opens in new tab) on Tika Sumpter.

4. This Twisted Crown Style 

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Whether you're in between wash days or simply looking for a quick and easy 'do, try this twisted crown style. The beauty of this low maintenance look: it's the perfect go-to to tame a bad hair day while simultaneously protecting the ends of your strands.

5. This Side Swept Twisted Style 

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Add a unique flair to your two-strand twists by incorporating a few flat twists to the front of your hairstyle in a side swept manner.

6. Twist In a Low Bun

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Have a little fun with your protective style by experimenting with a pop of color like this beautiful purple twist.

7. Short Embellished Twists

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No need to blow dry or stretch your curls to achieve this two-strand twisted style. Simply add your favorite leave-in and/or curl cream to freshly washed hair, part your hair into small sections, and twist your curls from root to tip. To complete the look, twirl your loose ends into a uniformed spiral.

8. These Waist Length Rope Twist

Take your protective style to new heights with this waist-grazing rope twisted look.

9. Two Strand Twist Into a Top Knot 

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The beauty of individual two strand twists? The endless style choices. Reimagine the classic top knot by gathering your twist into a bun.

10. These Jumbo Twists with Gold Cuffs

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Cut your styling time in half with these jumbo Senegalese twists and play up the stunning look even more by adding a few gold cuffs.

11. Passion Twist Into a High-Ponytail

Passion twists are a mix between Senegalese twists and goddess locs, and they are all the rage in 2020. Aside from its beautiful appearance, these twist last up to eight weeks and are incredibly easy to maintain.

12. Classic Two-Strand Twist

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Looking to give your natural hair a break? Try this classic two-strand twisted look. You'll just need your favorite curl cream, a wide tooth comb, and to set aside a few hours to recreate this protective style.

13. These Jumbo Twisted Pigtails

Keep your strands in place and out of your face with these effortlessly twisted pigtails.

14. These Twisted Space Buns With Gold Cuffs

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Step your space buns up a few notches by incorporating a twisted bang and strategically intertwining gold cuffs into your 'do.

15. This Twisted Faux Hawk 

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Prepare to be mesmerized by this elegantly twisted faux hawk masterpiece done by natural hair aficionado Felicia Leatherwood (opens in new tab).

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