I Can't Stop Staring at These Glittery Tinsel Lashes

You need to see the pictures up close.

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(Image credit: @coolgirlswearmugler)

I am all about the holidays. Like ALL about the holidays. Carols playing in October? Yup. Christmas sweaters at work? Bring it. Themed beauty trends, like Christmas Tree brows and star liner? Hell yes.

So when I saw pictures of tinsel-covered eyelashes popping up on Instagram, I was 100-percent here for it. The shimmery, feathery eyelashes are the brainchild of makeup-obsessed Instagram user Regina (@coolgirlswearmugler), whose Insta bio simply says, “random glossy eyes and pretty places,” which, if you glance at any of her photos for even a second, is completely accurate—random glossy eyes and, of course, tinsel lashes.

“I cut and glued tiny pieces of string from a glittery hair tie,” commented Regina on one of her photos, adding, “it sounds stupid, but it looks good!” And users who are not biased like I am also seem to agree, writing, “stunning,” and “so cool!” and “so creative! I need these hair ties.”

And like, hey, I’m not crazy—I’m fully aware that approximately one-percent of you would actually wear this look in real-life, with only a few more attempting it for the Insta content, but even still, I wholly support this look. If, however, you’re not into gluing hair ties to your eyelashes, then may I suggest a glittery mascara, instead, like Kiko’s Glitter Top Coat Mascara, which covers your lashes in silver shimmer for a much safer and much faster tinsel look? ‘Tis the season, after all.