The Super-Weird Reason Women Swear By Eating McDonald's French Fries After Sex

Like, *immediately* afterwards.

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Think back to the last time you ate McDonald’s French fries—was it right after having sex? Like immediately, immediately after sex? Probably not. (Our guess: Last weekend for 2 a.m. drunk food, because heck yes.)


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But apparently, we’re all missing out on something, because according to a recent poll, post-sex fries is the latest and greatest sworn-by method for—wait for it—upping your baby-making chances.

Channel Mum, a UK-based parenting site, released the findings of its research on how couples up their chances of conceiving, and found that 71-percent of people try some “wacky” tricks to boost fertility, including eating and drinking pineapple juice, wearing socks during sex, and, yes, eating McDonald’s fries—specifically McDonald’s fries, mind you—immediately after having sex.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that there’s actually nothing in McDonald’s fries that will affect your body’s ability to fertilize an egg, solely because of, you know, common sense. But if you’re trying to get pregnant and are willing to try literally anything, then we’re down with the idea of keeping a stash of fries bedside at all times. We also suggest that even if you’re not trying to conceive.

And hey, at least it’s a better, more satisfying option than what six-percent of other polled women said they try: avoiding an orgasm for a full week after sex. Haaa, thanks, but no thanks. We’ll just stick with our fries, instead.