Nickelodeon Just Released a Cassette Tape Eyeshadow Palette and We’re Freaking Out

‘90s babies 4 lyfe!

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Hot Topic)

Okay, I’m normally pretty good at reserving my excitement for throwback beauty products, because, like, everything can technically be a throwback after 24 hours. But I am positively losing my adult mind right now, because my ‘90s childhood has just resurrected itself in the form of a makeup palette.


Yes, Nickelodeon, the ultimate happy maker of the ‘90s (and probably still today, but I’ve moved on to bigger and better things, like The Office reruns, so I don’t know) has released an eyeshadow palette in the shape of a VHS cassette tape, decorated with all of your favorite buds from yesteryear, including RugratsCatDogRocko’s Modern LifeRen & Stimpy, and, of course, Hey Arnold!.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Hot Topic)

The palette is only $16.90 at Hot Topic (another throwback to your tween years, no?), and comes with 10 electric shadow shades, all aptly named with classic catchphrases, like “Football head,” “Oh fishsticks,” and “Rawr.” I know I shouldn’t be this excited over a little palette, but, damn, I really miss my childhood with all of its bright colors and weirdly placed squiggle lines and dots in design schemes.

And if you’re feeling all the feels I feel right now (…feels), then I suggest purchasing one immediately so you can live your best 1997 life today.