Guys, Mila Kunis Chopped Off All Her Hair and Looks Unrecognizable

New bob/bangs/dye job, who dis?

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Please, for a moment, picture Mila Kunis in your noggin. What do you see? Long, center-parted waves and gorgeous giant eyes? WELP, NOT ANYMORE! (Okay, fine—she still has the giant eyes.) Because Kunis made a major hair change at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards last night with a raven-black, cropped bob and crazy-short bangs. Yes, bangs.

Her new hair first surfaced on Instagram last night with a photo posted by her hairstylist Chad Wood. The caption: “Bangs and bobs are this years theme for sure! 💇🏻‍♀️,” most likely alluding to Jenna Dewan’s new super-sleek bob, which Wood was also responsible for.

As someone who is deathly afraid of ever cutting bangs again, after trying them out when I was a toddler and crying about it until I was a teen, I bow down to Mila for the pretty, bold look. And also for getting a photo with T-Swift on the one night she came out of hiding.

Please gaze upon these photos and then promptly consider cutting your hair, too. Thanks.

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