Kylie Jenner Just Posted a Major Makeup-Free Selfie

And dayum, girl.

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Hold on to your brains here, guys, because I have some major, major news: Kylie Jenner—i.e. famous person and human being—sometimes, sometimes, doesn't wear makeup. WHAT?! Yes, it's true.

Sometimes, the living, breathing human known as Kylie doesn't apply foundation or liquid lipstick, and sometimes just takes a natural-faced selfie of her and her baby (well, part of her baby, at least), like she did last night.

In the pic, Kylie smiles at the camera with what looks like a bare, makeup-free face with her natural smattering of freckles. And, of course, fans were quick to notice, posting heart emojis aplenty, along with comments like "You're so beautiful without makeup."

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i spy with my little eye...

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Sure, there's no way to tell for sure whether or not Kylie has on a few layers of concealer, or a swipe of blush, or a bit of FaceTune, but also, I don't really care? It's still cool to see a celebrity post a pared-down photo of themselves to a zillion people.

Of course, I'd be even more into it if Kylie had a few acne scars, cystic zits, and dark circles—you know, the stuff 99 percent of us have IRL—but, hey, when you've got unlimited access to dermatologists, lasers, fancy skincare products, waxers, and eyelash extensions, your "baseline" is going to look pretty damn good. So, hey, #skingoals and #famegoals, I guess? Either way, I'm feelin' it.

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Koko Matte Lip ✨ @kyliecosmetics

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