Demi Lovato Just Dyed Her Hair Blonde and Looks Totally Different

Her new color took two full days to create.

Another week, another celebrity hair change, am I right? Recently, Game of Thrones Sophie Turner took her light-blonde hair to platinum-white shades, Kim Kardashian dyed her hair the same color as your pants (spoiler: navy blue), and now, in the heat of July, Demi Lovato has dyed her signature brunette hair blonde. Yes, blonde.

The Details

Sure, Lovato isn’t a stranger to hair changes—she’s tried virtually every shade and style in the beauty world, even chopping off her waves into a bob back in March—but it’s been a few years since she’s made such a drastic color change.

The singer teased her new hair on Instagram stories last night, posting a photo a cropped photo of just the lower-half of her face with definitely lighter, blonder waves. The new color comes from hairstylist Amber Maynard Bolt of Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles, who told People that Lovato “had not done a change in a while and wanted something new.”

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The shade was, of course, a drastic transition, considering her recent hair color was nearly black. “Usually, she is open and willing to do big changes,” said Maynard Bolt, adding, “She had her short black hair for a while and was growing it out, and when it got longer to play with, she decided to do this change.”

The Process

And if you thought your recent two-hour salon visit was rough, consider this: The entire dyeing process took two days. TWO FREAKING DAYS. “We always make sure clients know that the process can take several hours and/or multiple visits,” said Maynard Bolt to Allure.


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“In this case, we were able to co-color Demi’s hair—I worked on the front and top, while my assistant Anthony Holguin focused on the back. This makes the process go much faster and allows us to work more efficiently and cover more ground in less time.”

But, unlike your last dye job, which was probably spent sitting uncomfortably in a chair for an hour, Lovato’s process was a bit, uh, cushier. “We are there for a while, so at times we have a Netflix binge, and we watch some shows,” said Maynard Bolt to People. “Her chef will make her very healthy food and bring it to her…She also scrolls [through] Instagram and makes phone calls, hangs out, and chats with us most of the time.”

Pays to be a celebrity, eh? If you're officially in the mood to dye or highlight your own hair, get inspired by celebrity trends, below.

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