Brides Are Getting Mid-Wedding Haircuts as Part of a New Bridal Trend

Is this the new dress reveal?

As someone who is attending her best friend’s destination wedding on a Thursday morning in the remote mountainside of Colorado (yup), I know that anything goes when it comes to getting married. Want a quick dress change after your vows? Sure! Want a giant cake with your dog’s face printed on it? Great! Want to chop your hair off in the middle of your wedding for a huge surprise reveal? Amazing! And I have good news: You’ll be in good company, because that’s what some brides are currently choosing to do.

The Details

As originally reported by Refinery29a few brides-to-be are making headlines with their choice to get a quickie wedding haircut in the middle of their wedding for a “second-look reveal.” One bride named Kayla decided to chop off her long blonde waves right before her first dance, during the reception.

“We kept it a secret from everyone, so we only had about 10 minutes total blocked off to do the cut," said Kayla’s hairstylist AJ Palace. “I cut her hair dry, basically taking a few inches off the ends, and just touched up the style a little, making it cute and piece-y with some soft bends for texture.”

Kayla first revealed her new cut to her husband, with a photographer catching his reaction, before walking out onto the dance stage to show her family and friends. “She had this whole new energy,” said Palace. “I've never seen her so confident."


Another bride named Tracey opted for the same hair reveal, ditching her second-look updo for textured, choppy waves that took a total of five minutes to create. "I didn't want everyone to be waiting an hour and a half for the bride to come to the party, so I took, like, five minutes, grabbed my razor, and just started hacking her hair,” said Tracey’s hairstylist Matt Fugate to Refinery29. "Everyone was excited about it, and the shock and awe was awesome.”

Of course, it helps that both of these brides are friends with seasoned hairstylists, and also both apparently possess zero anxiety over change or haircuts (you’d have to sedate me to get me to chop my hair short, let alone in the middle of my pressure-filled wedding). But as a wedding guest or internet spectator? I say hell yes to the trend, and hope that more bridal hair reveals keep on coming.