Post Malone Cut Off All of His Hair and Looks Unrecognizable

Meet the new post-Post Malone.

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Whether or not you worship Post Malone’s music and the ground he walks upon, or if you just know of him because of his face tattoos and (culturally appropriated) dreads, you should probably know that he no longer looks like the rapper you love/hate/feel nothing toward. Because Post Malone got a short haircut and looks shockingly different.

The New Look

The 23-year-old “Rockstar” singer initially posted a semi-vague photo of his new hair to Twitter last week with the caption, “Had 2 big ass dreads. Plz don’t stop listening to my music.” In the photo, he’s smoking a cigarette and facing forward, making it hard to tell if his hair had changed at all.

But in a new photo he uploaded to Instagram yesterday, Post Malone made it very clear that he has a new look—and he’s terrified we’ll all hate it. The Instagram photo is a profile shot of Malone in a black jacket, looking kind of pensive and sad while staring at the ground. But the most noticeable part? His crazy-short curly hair, which looks, uh, surprisingly mundane and basic.

Though his photo doesn’t have a caption on it, I’d like to think the picture represents Malone analyzing the timeline of his hair decisions that have brought him to this point.

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The Feedback

As you’d expect, fans are shocked, and have taken to commenting, uh, a lot, on both of his photos. “Still in love, no hair nbd,” writes one fan, while another adds, “You look like Dustin from Stranger Things in this photo.”’s official stance? “He looks like Shia LaBeouf fell into a face tattoo,” says one editor.

But I say all of this with love, because I personally don’t care what anyone chooses to do with their hair, if it makes them happy. So, Posty, I hope you enjoy your new life of short hair.

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