Camila Mendes Shares How To Get Her Beauty Look

The women in her family all have a similar hairstyle, but the Riverdale actress has gone a different route.

I grew up in Virginia, but the women on both sides of my family are Brazilian and grew up there, so they have a very distinctive style. Most of them love sleek, straight, healthy-looking hair; I rarely see them wearing wild, messy waves. I guess there’s a reason the Brazilian blowout is a major thing! I prefer to embrace my natural texture but polish it a bit, so it looks soft and effortless.

The styling process is pretty simple. Since my waves are inconsistent, I just get in there with a curling iron to fine-tune the way they look. I do the bottom half first, then I hit the top half. Afterward, I’ll put some anti-frizz serum on the ends and maybe do a quick smooth-over of the top layer. It’s funny, when I was cast as Veronica in Riverdale, there was an entire debate about whether her hair should be straight or curly, but the subtle curls ended up winning—and she wears them polished, like I do. But the character’s hair color is actually darker than mine. My natural shade is a brown with reddish undertones, and we dye it almost black. Having the dark hair makes me feel more like Veronica on set, and in my day-to-day life, I think it makes me a bit bolder and more experimental.

That doesn’t extend to my brows, though. I can’t seem to rock trendy, bushy, brushed-up eyebrows. They make me look like a mad scientist! My brow hairs are insane; they’re all over the place. I use the Anastasia brow gel to brush them to the side and keep them in line but still looking full. The other products that are always in my makeup bag are a Sulwhasoo tinted balm, a Glossier concealer that I’m obsessed with, and Giorgio Armani foundation, which I discovered on set. Doing my hair and makeup is really a nice self-care moment for me, so I try not to rush it. When I have time, I’ll even put on a new album I’m into and let it play through while I get ready. That’s my “me time.”

Shop Camila's Go-To Beauty Products

Shop Camila's Go-To Beauty Products

“This serum was the first beauty products I remember discovering and really loving, around fifth grade when my hair was getting frizzy. I still use it now.”

“This color doesn’t go on too strong, so it adds just a little bit of pop on my lips.”

“I use a diffuser with essential oils depending on my mood. Lavender is for when I want to feel calm, and peppermint helps me feel more awake.”

“This mascara makes my lashes look more defined and feathered out.”

“Floral of fruity smells are what I’m normally drawn to, but this one turns soft and creamy when it touches your skin. It’s very comforting.”

This article appears in the November 2018 issue of Marie Claire.