Love Magazine's David Beckham Cover Showing Off His Green Eyeshadow Is Incredible

2019's already coming in HOT.

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The world knows that David Beckham is a 43-year-old British soccer star and a hot hubby to Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice. But did you know that he's also a bona fide beauty icon? The athlete is Love Magazine's latest cover star and his stunning eye makeup has everyone shook.

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous, suited man covered in emerald green neck tattoos with vibrant green eyeshadow to match.

Can you even handle it? I'm in love with the juxtaposition of his clean-cut suit and edgy tattoos coupled with this bold swipe of shadow—a vibe. Instagrammers are also feeling it. The photo has racked up over 32,000 likes in two days, and the comments' section is full of positive praise about his makeup. "More makeup for men," one user wrote. "This is everything I never knew I needed I love you," another user commented.

In the issue, which hit newsstands on Tuesday, Beckham discusses how he discovered his confidence from playing soccer. His wife, Victoria, shouted him out on her own Instagram with a photo captioned: "Congratulations #LOVE20.5 cover star @davidbeckhamwearing @mrkimjones #MovingLove @thelovemagazine X Kisses."

There's no doubt that this forward-thinking cover will also inspire other men and women to be confident in their own skin. It's worth noting that Beckham is very on trend. Green eyeshadow was the color of the 2019 Golden Globes' red carpet last weekend, as seen on Camilla Belle and Jaime King.

Might I add that Beckham has always been a beauty enthusiast. Who can forget those man buns and mohawks? He has a passion for skincare and grooming, which led him to create his own grooming line for men called House 99. He opened up about his love for beauty in a steamy shoot with Into The Gloss: "People were always aware that I looked after my hair, and cared about how I looked, but there was room to grow there," he said.

This new cover confirms that Beckham is marching to the beat of his own drum when it comes to beauty. Although historically, the beauty industry has been largely marketed towards women, everyone has the right to embrace makeup, including men who love makeup. Let's all say goodbye to those limiting, stereotypical standards ingrained in our society. More genderless beauty representation in 2019 and beyond, please.

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