Priyanka Chopra Just Revealed a Blonde Hair Makeover

She's starting married life with a new look.

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Having thrown the wedding of the century (I say thrown in the past tense but honestly, there’s probably still some ongoing parties to come), Priyanka Chopra is now settling back into normal life. But, even though the 75-foot-long wedding veil, the lavish wedding receptions, and the selection of perfect outfits are all done and dusted, the actress isn’t stopping just yet. Having gone a little quiet to enjoy her Caribbean honeymoon with Nick Jonas, Priyanka is back. And blonde.

Deciding that now was the perfect time to change up her hair, Priyanka has started her journey into married life with a fresh, 2019 makeover. Taking part in the viral #10YearChallenge trend, the Quantico star decided to post a current picture rather than a throwback and, in doing so, left us all feeling that a little bit of blonde is the only choice to make on your next salon visit.

Her signature rich, dark brunette hair has been lifted to a beachy, warm-toned blonde ombre look, with soft bleached highlights running through the front lengths. It’s a subtle change for Priyanka, but enough to show that this year is a new start for the actress, and it suits her perfectly.

The hair reveal came with a deep and meaningful caption as she reflected on her life for the past decade. “So much has changed!” Priyanka wrote on Instagram. “Not just my hair or my clothes (or my husband!), but in how I see the world. How I understand myself. In these 10 years, with everything I’ve done, I realized that it’s my curiosity in others that has led me to grow into who I am today.”

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Let’s all take a major lesson from Priyanka, here. Got the itch to undergo a hair transformation? Go for it, it will almost definitely be a good decision. But... maybe wait until the wedding/major photo opp is out of the way first, just in case?


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